Marketing Automation & Customer Loyalty

Utilize the most advanced automated customer follow-up solution for fitness, winter sports and outdoor retailers with Ski and Outdoor Club. 

If you’re a ski retailer, automatically send your ski, snowboard and boot customers thank you emails after they make a purchase. You can send out tune-up and rental reminders to drive customers back into the store. 

If you’re a fitness or outdoor retailer, send out thank you’s to customers based on a purchase threshold you set, or set up your thank you's based on the category of product your customer purchased. The choice is yours - the system is that flexible. You can also send customer appreciation emails and a ‘We Miss You’ email to customers who haven’t purchased. 

All of these follow-up emails are customizable, and once you set it, you can forget it – we send them to your customers on your behalf! You can also get valuable feedback from your customers with the customizable customer satisfaction survey that’s included on all thank you emails.

Ski and Outdoor Club also give you the ability to set up a rewards program that incentivizes your customers for making additional purchases. We will track the Rewards your customers have earned, and automatically let them know when it’s time to redeem.